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By any other name, Coffee!

  Mmm! Coffee. A most satisfying, uplifting drink. In previous blogs I talked about the discovery of coffee and several attempts to ban it. We looked at Coffeehouses throughout history and current day. But what about Coffee, the drink itself. What has brought us to our current plethora of coffee blends and drink variations that has made coffee the 2 nd most traded commodity on earth. To start let’s look at a few milestones in the history of coffee. 1000 First known literature describing Coffee. 1100 First Coffee plantations established in Yemen with coffee from Ethiopia. 1200 Turkey becomes the first place where coffee  beans are roasted. 1438 A spice grinder is invented, which is used to  grind   roasted  coffee beans 1600 Arabia & Muslim Africa Monopolize Coffee, however, Bada Budan smuggles fertile beans back to India breaking the Arab monopoly on coffee production. 1668 Little known factoid. Coffee overtakes beer as New York City’s favourite beverage for breakfast. 1727