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When It's Cold Outside

  When it’s cold outside how comforting is it  to sit down to a nice warming bowl of soup? Soup is replenishing, aromatized and a complete meal. According to the dictionary, soup is a liquid food derived from meat, poultry, fish, or vegetables. Soups have many forms—some soups are thin and served as broths, while some are thick and  creamy. Soups are like stews  however, soups have more liquid (broth) than stews. Do you ever wonder about how long this flavourful and nutritious food has been around? For thousands of years humankind has enjoyed the liquid foodstuff known as “soup” Food historians tell us soup is as old as the history of cooking. According to archaeologist John Speth, our ancient Neanderthal relatives were likely to have begun boiling meat to render fat from animal bones – resulting in a meat broth that they would have drunk as soup. In Xianrendong Cave, Jiangxi Province, China, the first example of a soup bowl was discovered and thought to date back to 20,000 BC. Con

I’m a Big Fan of Tea

  I’m a big fan of Tea,  especially herbal teas you can make for free . Goldenrod tea is a good example.  This prolific herb which spills over the landscape in southern Ontario in late August and September, is not the allergy-causing plant ragweed, which it often gets mistaken for. Historically, Goldenrod was applied to the skin to help heal wounds, prevent infections and as a diuretic tea. Aboriginal people chewed on the leaves to relieve sore throats or toothaches. After the Boston Tea Party, which was significant in the American revolution, colonists dumped all their favourite Green and Black Tea and then made a tea of Goldenrod and called it “Liberty Tea” . In addition to being tasty, Goldenrod tea is considered helpful for addressing seasonal allergies. A lot of people mistakenly blame goldenrod for their allergy misery; however, a cup of goldenrod tea may just help alleviate all that sneezing and sniffling.   Goldenrod is easily foraged, and those sunny yellow flowers ma