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Coffee Houses

  Coffeehouses I spent several years of my working career overseeing construction and opening of multiple Coffee Culture® locations throughout Ontario and a Java Café ® in China, but are they coffeehouses? If so, what makes them a “Coffeehouse”? defines a coffeehouse as: “a business that sells coffee and usually other refreshments and that often serves as an informal club for its regular customers”.  Based on this both are coffeehouses, as are many other establishments, both independent and chain, throughout the world. Guelph has many coffeehouses, some independent, like Planet Bean, Red Brick Café, and Lost Aviator Coffee as well as all the usual chain coffeehouses, Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Williams. Many of the independent coffeehouse’s specialty roast their own beans. The chains as well have coffee beans roasted especially for them, thereby making them each truly unique coffee experiences.   Where do you like to meet for Coffee? Let me know in the comments and rea